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What if your emails had a button like this?

What if instead of doing the same old things everyone else does your message jumped out at them?

That's just the beginning.

A WOW Factor to consider.

Do you merely Tell

or do you SHOW?

Our system is unique and exclusive.
Other systems out there are template based which causes issues when delivering to the different Mobile devices out there.
Our Google Technology insures speedy delivery every time, even in poorly connected areas.

The WOW Factor. When folks see your message it's different and their curiosity peaks...they click on it.

You tell me. If you received an email that was dynamic and interesting, a Video Newsletter, do you think that might have a tendency to get your attention more than just a basic email like the other 20 or 30 you already received today?

Folks are Visual.
Give them something that catches their eye, something different and you just might have their attention.

Now using the latest Google Technology.
No longer template based.

You have login rights to change up as needed.

You merely Drag "Blocks" and place where you need them.

The Drag-n-drop technology makes changing up your message a snap.

No longer template based.

The older Template based systems have severe issues when trying to display on the different mobile devices.

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

To understand why we use AMP click the link just below.

Why Google AMP?



AMP is an open source system developed by Google to increase speed of download across all devices. Google tracked their abandoned searches and they were shocked at the results so they developed AMP to increase the speed of searches, hence increasing their revenue. There are currently over 9,800 different devices and platforms out there. Other systems struggle to remain viable because of how their data packets are delivered to the device where AMP is nearly Instant, across All Devices.

How does it Work?
You will use a combination of our systems, primarily our system and you'll add and  

Watch this video. It shows how you would build a website with AMP but the process is the same in building your Video Newsletter. It would just be shorter and probably not have the navigation at the top as you need just one page.

Another WOW Factor.

Putting it all together.

Do you need anything extra?


With AppEVOLVE™ you have all the information you need.
It's merely a matter of having a web presence and we show you how to proceed from there.


The Basis for this system is our Warp Speed Hosting in the Google Cloud. In the online world SPEED is critical and our system delivers.


As you saw on the previous link, you have numerous options. You can do it all or go all the way up to WE do it all, it's up to you.

Now for the

Final Piece of the Puzzle.

We host the system and give you login rights with one click to publish. You merely create an email template like the one above and include a link to your AppEVOLVE™ link.
You would create one for each newsletter or message.

Include a graphic like this in your email.

Assign a link so when they click, it goes directly to your Google AMP subdomain.

And because it's Google AMP, it will load in mere seconds no matter what device they are on, even from a TEXT message.

That's it. Add links, change things up as needed, you have total control and the sytem WORKS.

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